Tech update 28th November 2022


You think Zoom, you think video calls. For millions around the world, it’s a tool they rely on at work every day.

It’s always been something of a one-trick pony… until now.

Zoom’s just announced a bunch of new tools which it hopes will take on the likes of Microsoft Teams and Slack, but it has it’s work cut out.

Coming soon, we’ll see a whole host of new features and services including email, a calendar and a collaboration hub, all built directly into the Zoom app.  But will it be widely adopted?

We’ll be watching what happens and keeping you updated. Before we recommend it to our clients, we’ll want to know more about the levels of support, reliability and security.

But it’s going to take a LOT to tempt businesses away from Teams with its great support and constant updates.

For now, if you’d like to talk about the best collaboration software for your business to keep your team working smoothly together, just get in touch.