You may be in a great position within your company where you think you have robust security systems that block malicious websites and emails, but no system is ever 100% effective.  They cannot be by their very nature, as they are reactive.

So, what is stopping one of your employees from clicking on a malicious link within an email which finds its way through your filtering systems (if you have any in place that is)?  The answer is cyber awareness training.

If you asked your staff today how many are confident they would be able to spot a fake email or website how many do you think would say yes with 100% confidence?  Even if nine out of ten of your staff say yes, that still leaves you with a big gap in your security.

Cyber Security Awareness training is a great way for your staff to train on what to look out for to spot malicious emails and websites, but also what to do if they do accidentally click on a malicious link.  What’s more we can send test emails before and after the training so that we can measure the effectiveness on the training and provide more focused one to one training to particular staff members who may struggle.

Now more than ever it is critical that your staff are cyber aware, especially when working remotely as there may not be anyone for them to ask as they would be able to do in the office.  Is it really worth running the risk of your business becoming a victim of cyber crime when some training could help drastically reduce that risk?

Find out more on the link below on how we can help your staff become cyber aware and reduce the risk to your business.  We also offer security packages specially designed to reduce the risk from cyber attacks to your business.  Why not book in a 15 minute no obligation chat with me below so I can talk you through how these systems will help to protect your business even further when used in conjunction with cyber aware staff.

Cyber Defence Training