Tech update 19th December 2022


Most workplaces have Microsoft Windows at the heart of their business.

That’ll be why 95% of cyber attacks this year were targeted at the Windows operating system. Cyber criminals are looking to access your information, disrupt your business, or hold your data to ransom.

These attacks are nearly always unsuccessful – but those that do make it through can cause havoc for the affected businesses.

So you need to be doing everything you can to stop cyber criminals getting their foot in your front door… because you don’t want to be one of the unlucky ones.

That means taking action to keep your systems updated, training your team in what to look out for, and having a plan so that everyone knows what to do if they think an attack is underway.

If you have an IT service provider, they’ll be able to make the best recommendations to keep your business safe and secure, train your people, and even provide monitoring to spot any potential danger before it becomes a problem.

It’s the kind of thing we do every day, so if you’re worried that you might not have the right protection in place, get in touch now – we’re here to help.