Microsoft’s recently announced that Internet Explorer will start to die next month – and that will cause a unique problem for a small number of businesses.  The 25-year-old web browser will no longer be supported from November. And will then be killed off for good in August next year.

It only has 1.6% market share in the UK (compared to 49% for Chrome). Yet it’s still critical for a small number of legacy applications.  “We’ve seen businesses rely on old software, which in turn relies on Internet Explorer,” explained local IT support expert Jamie Seviour, of geekingITsimple.

“Especially for manufacturing, engineering and specialist companies that use older machines powered by older software. Internet Explorer is as vital to them as the machinery they run.  “Often they use these machines every day. They’re business critical. If they suddenly stop working, that’s going to cause some major problems for these businesses.”

We would recommend that any business who thinks they may be affected contact us urgently to arrange an IT audit so we can then devise an upgrade plan to keep your systems running.

Please do not leave it until spring next year, as there may be investment needed in your systems which will need to be planned for.  This could be new pcs to replace current stock, or upgrades to third party software, or a combination of both.  Jamie added: “Taking action now gives these businesses a 10 month head start on any major changes they need to make. That means more options and less stress for the owners and managers.”

To arrange an IT audit, or a no obligation call to talk through the process please select a convenient date and time in my diary below and I will call you.