As we all know very well by now, “business as usual” can be interrupted quickly and painfully, just cast your mind back over the past two years!

Premises can be closed – staff can be forced to work remotely – cyber-attacks can happen at any time – and key staff can suddenly be absent due to illness, bereavement, or many other reasons.

These are just a few of the issues all businesses should plan for. So that you can continue to operate with as little downtime as possible.

But how do you start creating a business continuity plan? When it comes to your technology, software, and IT setup, we can help you build your plan.

The easiest place to start is to document all of your key systems, the bits of software and hardware you just could not run your business without.  That could be simple things as the laptop and your phone, but you need to think about how they work, so if you run your phones on a VOIP system then you need an internet connection. So what would happen if your internet connection went down for a day, or your router died?

Once you have identified the key hardware and software you then need to identify what you can do to mitigate the most common risks, so that could be having a secondary internet line installed, or having a spare router that has been configured (and tested!) so if your router dies it can be swapped over within minutes.

The pandemic taught us that anything can happen. Think through how you’d deal with problems before they happen, and recovery will be so much easier.

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