Tech update 21st November 2022


If you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser, be aware: Criminals are targeting you with a new malware attack.

There’s a fake browser extension called Cloud9. It can be installed on your machine if you fall for a realistic looking, but fake Adobe Flash update. Flash itself was actually discontinued in 2020 and is no longer supported, so you should assume that any Flash update messages will be a security threat.

It could cause a nightmare for your business.

It can break into your online accounts and log your keystrokes to steal passwords.

Scarily, it can also recruit your machine into a ‘botnet’ – that’s a network of hacked devices, all working together to infect others.

Attacks like these are hard to spot.

But there are things you can do to protect your business.

First, make everyone aware of the threat. If your people know what to look out for it’s less likely they’ll install the update in the first place.

Next, make sure you switch on Enhanced Protection in your browser’s Privacy and Security settings.

We can help you keep your business protected from cyber criminals. If you need any help with your online security, get in touch.