It seems to be just about every week now there is news of a ransomware attack on the BBC News website.  A couple of weeks back it was the oil pipeline in America, and just last week it was the Kent academy chain here in the UK.

Most business owners I talk with seem to have a view that they are not susceptible to a Ransomware attack as “they are not big enough”.  Whilst it is true that only the larger ransomware attacks seem to make it onto the news I can guarantee you small and medium sized business are being attacked with Ransomware just as much as the large multinationals, if not more due to the number comparison.

I’ve seen three separate attacks hitting small and medium sized businesses over the years geekingITsimple has been running.  They all happened because the companies were not running adequate protection because they had assumed that they were too small for a hacker to try their luck with them.

So how can you protect your business against a Ransomware attack?  There are four steps you need to take.

Step one, you need to be running robust Antivirus/Anitmalware on all your computers and servers.  This needs to be monitored by an external company who thoroughly test the resilience of your systems daily, if not hourly.

Step two, you need to have an internet and email security system in place that filters weblinks and emails for malicious links and attachments.

Step three, you need to be running daily backups as a minimum, we would suggest hourly to be safe.  These backups need to be verified to make sure the backup process was successful; this can be done automatically when setup correctly.

Step four, you need to be prepared for a Ransomware attack and believe that your business is just as susceptible as the big multinationals.  We would recommend that you have a policy in place which details what you would do if you were hit by a ransomware attack and what resiliency you have in place to enable you and your team to carry on working.