Well firstly what is a penetration test?  Well simply put a penetration test is an external and internal test run by an ethical hacker (like myself) to see which of your systems could be accessed by a hacker.

Once the tests are run we deliver a report to you identifying all of the ways we managed to gain access to your network, systems and files along with a list of remediation actions to stop a hacker from being able to take advantage of the identified weaknesses within your network.

If you have ever completed a Cyber Essentials accreditation then I am sure you would have heard about penetration tests, indeed if you opted for the Cyber Essentials Plus certification then it is a mandatory part of the assessment.

Penetration tests are also mandatory for some government contracts, or charity sector organisations that work closely with the NHS.  If that is you then I am sure you will need to know you need to conform to the data security guidelines outlined in the DSPT.

Penetration tests need to be performed yearly as an absolute minimum, but we recommend every six months, unless a new item of IT equipment has been installed, in which case a penetration test needs to be carried out within two weeks of the equipment being installed.  This ensures that your systems are continually strong, and robust against would be Cyber Attacks.

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