Before you read anymore of this blog ask yourself this question now: “If I had to rate our IT Support company between 1-10 what would I rate them as?”  Think about it for a minute whilst you formulate your answer……  If you answer is 7 or less, then you need to carry on reading this blog.

Just the thought of changing IT Support provider probably fills you with dread doesn’t it?  “But they know how my systems are setup, they know all my passwords, I could lose all of my data!”  Sadly, switching providers isn’t always that appetising. But you need to remember why you are even thinking of switching in the first place…

So why am I hesitant to move?

Simple, it’s something called “Inertia Loyalty”, and I’ll bet the longer you have been with your current IT Support Provider the greater your resistance to change will be.  Even if deep down you know your not happy with your current IT Support Provider you will be hesitant to make the change needed.

So when you are paying their bill at the end of each month, do you experience any negative emotions?  Are you slightly resentful?  Even worse are you fed up with things still not working correctly and you constantly having to waste your time chasing them up?

This is the time to act, carrying on in this situation will bring no good to your business or to your relationship with your current IT Support Provider.

If you read through the next 5 sections and even one resonates with you, then you really do need to start the process of moving to a more proactive, dynamic and caring IT Support Partner – notice the word partner, not IT Support company.  You want to be making the move to an IT Support Partner, a business that will be come an integral part of your business and will help you grow and overcome obstacles that may be holding your business back.

You’ve outgrown them, or they have outgrown you

Companies evolve over time; you may find that you become to big for your current IT Support company and they cannot provide you with the service you need.  Conversely your IT Support company may have outgrown you, they may be focusing on larger clients, with larger contracts and will lose their focus on your business.

You feel left alone

Are your current IT Support Company checking in with you to see how your getting on?  Are they continually suggesting ways to improve your systems and productivity?  You may even notice that the same problem keeps reoccurring where they have only provided a temporary fix.  When was the last time you spoke with your current IT Support company about something other than a problem you needed fixing quickly?

You feel like you’re always chasing them up

So you logged a support call at 9am, it’s now 2pm and you still haven’t heard from them, or even worse a couple of days have passed by.  What will be an inconvenient and irksome problem for you, may be seen as insignificant and low priority to your IT Support Company, especially if they do not take an active interest in your company.  Are they hitting your service level agreements stated in your contract?  Some companies boast about hitting 80% of their SLAs, would you be impressed with only 80% of your support tickets being handled in time?

You feel like something’s not quite right

Do you have a nagging feeling that your systems aren’t as secure as they should be?  Are you constantly worried about being hacked, or being caught by a malicious email which could end up costing you thousands of pounds?  Have you even spoke with your current IT Support Provider about Cyber Security?  Sadly some IT Support companies do not take security as seriously as they should, which could leave your business at risk, and you cannot do anything about it.  The risk to your business from cyber attacks is growing everyday, even more so since the COVID lockdown, where you might not be able to keep a watchful eye on your employees activities.

You feel like your alone when it comes to IT

You need to have 100% confidence and trust in your current IT Support Company, they are a vital and integral part of your business.  Cast you mind back over your dealings with your current IT Support company, did you ever feel like they were making it up as they went along, or they couldn’t fix the issue you logged with them, or even worse they said they had fixed it when they hadn’t?

You need to rely on your IT Support Partner, they should feel like an extension of your business rather than an outside company.  They should be offering solutions to problems you are not yet even aware of and making sure your technology is driving your business forward, not holding you back.

Has any of these questions resonated with you?

If you answer yes, even to just one of the statements then you really do need to contact us.  We have helped numerous businesses move from their existing IT Support Company to us, your IT Support Partner.  Transitions are always smooth and planning is methodical.  We can even put you in touch with Business Owners we now support and partner with so you can ask them any questions you want to.

Stage one of the process is to arrange a no obligation chat with me, Jamie, at a time convenient to you so that we can talk through where your business is, where you want it to go, and what is stopping you from achieving those goals.  You can book a call from my calendar link here: