So I am sure you have all heard of the Dark Web on the news over the past few years, but what actually is it?  Well essentially its another form of the internet you use, but used by hackers and other unsavoury types.

Hackers use the Dark Web to buy and sell hacked credentials such as your amazon account, or even your online banking details.

So how do they get this information in the first place?  Well simply by running a phishing campaign against your business to try and capture as many of your employees’ credentials as possible.

Once they have captured the hacked credentials, they then sell them on the Dark Web to other hackers who will then try and exploit your systems using those hacked details.

So how do you know if any of your company or employee details are available on the Dark Web?  Well very simply, you need to have an IT security company, such as us, monitoring the Dark Web for any instances of your company details.

Without Dark Web monitoring you will have no idea if any of your details are available and you will not have any defence against a hacker who has your details.

As soon as we spot your details on the Dark Web we alert you immediately so you can change the password for the identified account(s), this will then stop any hacker gaining access to your systems with the compromised credentials.

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