I bet the first question you have is what does 2FA even stand for?  Two Factor Authentication (also known as Multi Factor Authentication MFA) is a system used to secure all types of different accounts, from online accounts, to logging onto your laptop.

So why do I need 2FA?  Quite simply two factor authentication adds an additional layer of security onto your login process.  With two factor authentication enabled even if someone knew your password they would not be able to access your account without the two factor authentication code.

Two factor authentication methods come in many forms, from secondary passwords, apps such as Microsoft Authenticator, to USB dongles.  So is 2FA a pain once it is enabled?  This is a question we get asked a lot, and where we find the most resistance to implementing a 2fa solution across a business.  Lets take your email for example, if you access your email via a webpage you would be required to enter your password as usual, and then would have to enter a code generated from an app to allow you access to your emails.  Whilst this extra step is painless, it does require users to change their habits for logging into apps and webpages.

You could use a USB “dongle” solution instead which acts as a secondary authenticator when plugged into your laptop.  This would stop the need for entering any secondary passwords or codes.  As soon as the dongle is removed from your laptop it would block any logins setup to use the dongle as a secondary authenticator.  This is an easier (for the user), but more costly solution of 2FA to implement.

Some 2FA solutions allow you to have a code sent via text message to your mobile.  We strongly advise against this as “Sim Spoofing” is becoming much more common now, so a hacker would be able to intercept the text message with the code, thus nullifying the secondary code access.

Implementing a 2fa solution is one of the easiest ways to secure your online accounts and stop hackers from gaining access and a solution we highly recommend that everyone implements.

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