Your business can have the most sophisticated cyber security measures in place. But can still fall victim to a brute force attack if you or your team uses weak passwords.

A brute force attack is when cyber-criminals simply try to guess your passwords… again, and again, and again… until they force their way into your system.

Of course this doesn’t mean that a hacker will sit there all day trying to guess your password manually.  Hackers buy “password lists” from the Dark Web which contain lists of known passwords and the entries can be in the millions.

It may take the hackers systems hours, days, weeks or months to guess your password, that all depends on how secure your password is.  If your password is just a few characters long with no capitals, numbers, or special characters, it would only take a few seconds for your password to be cracked.

We’ve put a handy tool on our website that will tell you just how long your password would take to guess.

Hackers don’t stop until they win. Which is why it’s called a brute force attack. And the results can be disastrous.

A successful attack could lead to identity theft, data breaches or the use of your company emails for scams…

Just imagine one of your customers receiving an from you with a bogus invoice, which has the hackers bank details on instead of yours.  That would be embarrassing to explain to your customer, especially if they had already paid it……

How would you know if this is happening to you?  Our Security packages monitor and detect brute force attacks and stop them in their tracks.

Strong passwords, multi factor authentication and limited log-in attempts are just some of the measures your business can put in place to combat the threat.

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