There are lots of acronyms that IT Support companies use.  Most IT support companies call themselves MSPs, Managed Service Providers.  The most important acronym you need to be aware of is an SLA.  The SLA, Service Level Agreement, is the part of your service contract which ties your IT support provider into either a guaranteed response time, or a guaranteed fix time.

Service level agreements may also include such things as a guarantee for how quick they will answer the phone to you or respond to a service ticket being entered onto their support system.  Do you know what your terms are within your SLA?

As Service Level Agreements are contractual your IT Support company must hit your agreed targets documented within your SLA.  All IT Support companies usually insert a caveat so that if they fail to hit the agreed targets with you then you will receive credits, numbers depending on how much they missed your targets with you.

Any good IT support company will produce a monthly report which will include such things as system health, patch, and antivirus compliance etc.  Most usually also include the statistics for the percentage of tickets closed within your agreed SLA.  It is always worth checking these figures out as you may find you are entitled to be credited because your IT Support company failed to hit their targets with you.

Some IT Support companies (such as us) publish our overall SLA compliance on their websites.  This is always worth checking out if you are looking for a new IT support provider as it will give you a good indication as to the levels of support you can expect from them.  Good IT Support companies will be consistently reporting SLA percentages in the low to high 90s.  Anything below that and you need to be asking questions as to why they fail to hit their targets.  Thankfully, most IT Support companies will consistently do this, but we have seen reported SLA targets as low as 70%!

No IT Support company should ever offer a guaranteed SLA target of 100% as there are many factors out of the control of both parties which can affect the target, but a 100% target is something that should be strived for, and effectively monitored.

Even during the COIVD crisis, when our ticket submission increased by over 100%, we proudly kept our SLA compliance above 95% and our customer satisfaction response at over 98%.  If you would like to talk to us about joining our award-winning IT Support services you can arrange a time for a no obligation call with myself, Jamie via my calendar below, or email