I’ve written (and recorded tech tip videos) before on what to do if you or a staff member clicks on a malicious link, and even how to spot them.  But how do you stop malicious emails from entering your email systems in the first place?

If you are an Office 365 user then you may have noticed that Microsoft have improved their email security lately, so your inbox probably has less junk, spam and phishing emails in them.  Whilst these improvements will help to keep you safe, there are more robust systems that could be put in place.

Email filtering systems are designed to check all incoming (and even outgoing) emails for malicious links and attachments.  Just imagine how embarrassing it would be if one of your business email accounts was hacked and the hackers sent out malicious emails to all of your contacts?  That’s where outgoing filtering comes into force.

AI (artificial intelligence) is also helping the fight against spam and malicious emails.  Our Email security system analysis the body of the email for known business logos, and if the links in that email are not going to the businesses domain then its more than likely to be a malicious email.  Along with many other checks.

One question we get asked a lot is if we install an email security system does that mean you will lose access to emails that are classed as malicious or spam?  The easy answer is no.  All emails that are marked as malicious or spam get stored on our servers and every day you will receive a report from the email security system with a list of all blocked emails.  You then have the choice to allow the emails through on a one time only basis, to permanently block the sender, or to permanently allow.

Our Email Security System also checks for malicious attachments and moves them to a quarantined section of our system again for you to review and allow or block as necessary.

Installing this system requires little to no downtime for your business and could potentially save you tens of thousands of pounds.

What’s not to like?

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