Microsoft 365 is an absolute dream. With every update, Microsoft finds new and inventive ways to streamline your business and increase productivity.

The tragedy is that not everyone takes advantage of these features.  Most of the businesses we talk to only use the desktop apps, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.  But there is so much more to Office 365

We’re on a mission to show business owners everywhere that there’s more to 365 than just Word and Excel. Indeed just last week I gave a presentation of all the different features that come built in to Office 365 and what you can use them for.  If you would like me to run through this presentation with you then book a 10-minute call with me below and we will get you booked in, and there is no charge.

Today we’re focusing on Microsoft Power Automate. This amazing productivity tool allows you to automate tasks across different apps, saving you and your staff hours of wasted time. With Power Automate taking care of menial tasks, you and your staff can focus on the parts of your job that really matter.

A great example of this is that I use Power Automate to automatically send replies to emails with certain keywords in the subject line, or to send Out Of Office replies if I have a calendar booking with the title of meeting, so that if anyone emails me when I am in a meeting they will get an instant reply stating that I am in a meeting and will contact them shortly.  All of these little automations can really improve your productivity and customer services.

Microsoft 365 is full of hidden treasures if you know where to look. For more help taking your business to the next level with software you already own, get in touch today.