It was announced earlier in the week that Facebook has suffered yet another data breach.  Peoples email address and passwords were released, but this time also their phone numbers.  I’m sure you are wondering why phone numbers really matter, they are linked to your phone right?  Sadly, that is wrong.  Hackers are employing new tricks to access your business data every day and they are now spoofing peoples phone numbers to.

Smishing is the processes official title, but it essentially means that the hackers can either send text messages, or phone calls from your hoaxed mobile phone number, or even intercept text messages being sent to your phone.

That’s where the big trouble could potentially happen.  If you use multifactor authentication with the code being sent to your mobile as a text message, then there is the potential for a hacker to login with your stolen credentials and divert the text code so they can still access your account, now that’s a scary thought isn’t it?

So how do you know if your details are on the dark web?  Well, we have put together a page (click here) that will allow you to check your email address and mobile phone number to see if it appears on any hacking lists.

“That’s a manual process that I need to carry out though, is there not an easier way?”  Very simply yes!  If you take out our security packages then all email addresses within your company domain ( are monitored 24/7/365 and as soon as they appear on any hacking list we are informed immediately and can then implement security contingencies to stop the hackers from gaining access to your systems.

For more information arrange a time to talk with Louise by accessing her calendar below.  We’d love to help keep your systems safe.