We get it. When you’re busy, it’s sometimes easier to click the ‘remind me later’ button, rather than wait while your device is updated.

But why do you even need to keep updating Windows, or your Mac?  Well to put it simply hackers are always finding new ways of getting into your machines, so Microsoft and Apple have to provide updates on a regular basis to close down these loopholes.

If you don’t install the updates as they are released, then in time your computer will become more and more unsecure and susceptible to hackers. Which could put you, the business, and your contacts at risk.

Software updates also help improve the performance of your device and fix known bugs.

To avoid this from happening, check your device now to see what updates are available. And install them. Get yourself a coffee while you wait.

We all know how annoying these updates can be, especially if you have to install them on all of your computers yourself.  That’s why we manage this process for our clients and schedule a time for the updates to be installed so it doesn’t affect your working day.  What’s more we also test the updates before deploying them to our customers, so if they fix something, but break something else, which believe me does happen, then we will stop that update from being installed onto our customers computers.

For more information why not arrange a call with Louise from her calendar below to see how we can take the stress out of managing your IT.