Cyber criminals are getting smarter by the day, and new scams are emerging all the time.  While the details of these new scams may be different, many of them follow similar patterns.

Below are three common types of scam to look out for:

Phishing emails
Possibly the most dangerous type of scam for a business, phishing emails pretend to be from reputable sources in order to trick your employees into disclosing sensitive information.  This can be in the form of a “your account has been locked for security purposes, click here to unlock”.  By the user clicking on the link they will be taken to a page that looks identical to the brand layout, say PayPal, or Office 365 for example.  When the user then enters their username and password this is instantly sent to the cyber criminals and your systems will be compromised.

Fake viruses
Scammers will tell your employees that their computer has been infected with a virus and encourage them to download antivirus software. But this software is fake and will give the criminals access to your data.  This usually appears in the form of a webpage alerting you that your computer has been compromised, but its also a variant of the still common Microsoft Support Phone Calls we have all experienced over the past few years.

Email forwarders
This is where hackers gain access to your email and put in place an email forwarder. Without your knowledge, all incoming email is forwarded to the hacker, allowing them to gather information which they could use to steal money.  You may not even be aware that this has happened as the forwarders can be setup to send a copy of the email to the cyber criminals as well as yourself, so you would not know until it is too late.

Because hackers are using increasingly clever strategies, it is sometimes difficult to know when you’re at risk.

That is why it’s important to partner with an IT support company that can help protect you and your business.

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