If you’re under pressure to take urgent action – stop and think

It’s not something I enjoy saying, but cyber criminals are smart people. With the newest phishing scam, they’re using a psychological trick to force you and your team into making a mistake.  It’s called urgency….

Imagine getting an email that warns of a suspicious attempted login to one of your accounts. You would be a little concerned, wouldn’t you?

It asks you to click a link and verify your login details.

You click as the email looks legitimate– and a one-hour countdown timer appears in front of you.

The webpage says if you don’t act by the deadline, your account will be deleted.  You think it is real as the page looks real, it has the logo, the same colour scheme and looks the same as any other page on their website.

At this point, lots of people would feel stressed and instantly do what has been asked.

The sad reality is if you miss the deadline… nothing will happen. This is a phishing scam.

The Cyber Criminals want you to enter your real login details on a fake login page. That’s how they steal your password.

By adding the timer, the criminals create urgency and demand immediate attention. The urgency makes you panic and so proceed without thinking it through properly.  No doubt as soon as you have done it you will realise it was a scam.

If you face anything like this, simply stop and think. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and ask yourself a simple question – Would a real service provider really apply that kind of pressure and penalty?

Share this information with your whole team right now. And if anyone ever clicks a link they’re not sure about, ask us how to keep your business safe.