If any of your staff work remotely, you need to be aware of this

We have found that many people now work from home, even if it’s just the odd day now and then – what percentage of your team work remotely?

A survey has revealed that three quarters of businesses now have people regularly working away from the office.

But business owners and managers aren’t thinking enough about their cyber security, which is putting their employees and their business at huge risk.

We’ve been reviewing a recent survey on planned IT spending for the coming year

As of now, only half of businesses have cloud-based security protection that works anywhere.

Another 15 per cent are looking into it. And only 9 per cent are planning to prioritise security this year, that’s a troubling statistic!

This is worrying because cyber-attacks are going up. Right now we’re seeing more data breaches, ransomware attacks and business email compromises than ever before. Scammers are getting even more sophisticated with their attack methods and hundreds of people of are getting hit every hour.

If you’re not 100% sure you’re fully protected, please get a reputable technology partner to audit your setup. It could save your business!  Of course, we’d be happy to help.