Windows 10 is getting some very useful Windows 11 features

Windows 11 is full of some great new features. And now Microsoft has decided that some of them will be making their way backwards, to Windows 10.

One of the new features will give you greater security when you print documents.

Most importantly it will save that desperate run from your computer to the printer when you’re printing something sensitive, if you don’t already have a print document management system setup.

It’s called PIN protected printing. You send off the document… but it won’t print till you’ve arrived at the printer and entered your PIN.

It really is a clever idea!

Another good feature making it’s way to Windows 10 is Focus Assist.

It allows important and time-sensitive notifications to reach you regardless of your do not disturb status.

There’s no date for when these features will be in Windows 10, but we’re hoping in the weeks ahead.