Some employees won’t stop using apps that could be a security risk

How much does your team know, or even care about good cyber security in your business?  And do they know the potential consequences that come with poor cyber hygiene?

Your people probably DO care. But we see many employees who don’t.

A recent survey found a scary 92% of staff want full control over the apps they use for work, half still use software that’s been banned by their IT department.

The problem started in the pandemic, when employees needed to get the job done any way they could. Two years later, they still want the same control.

You may be thinking why this is even a problem.  Well simply put, good cyber hygiene in your business would dictate that all apps are checked for security flaws before being installed onto your systems.  Simply installing an app because a member of staff has asked for it, without running any checks is simply dangerous.  Even more dangerous is giving your staff permissions to add apps at their own will on their devices.

This can put business owners in a tricky position.

Blocking apps shows can lack of trust, especially if you don’t have any policies in place. But ignoring it could lead to a huge data breach or many other security problems.

We think the answer is talking to your people and finding applications that keep everyone happy.  You can then task your IT people with making sure the apps come from reputable sources and that they wont prove to be a security risk to your business.  Also putting your staff through Cyber Hygiene training will help with transparency on why you need to vet apps that are installed on your systems.

We’ve helped lots of business owners do this – get in touch if you want some help.