Is your business making these cyber security mistakes?

There are lots of cyber security warnings every day, it can be really hard to keep up.  Would you even know what a zero day exploit even is?

Today I’ve decided to make things easier for you. Here are the 3 most common cyber security mistakes made by businesses like yours.

The first is not having any employee privilege rights policies, or enforcing them if you do.

When someone changes roles, their data access rights should be changed at the same time too. Businesses are quick to give people access to data, but forget to remove it, we see this all the time.

It’s the same when someone leaves. Close their accounts and revoke their rights straight away, before they even leave the building if possible.

The tighter your team’s privileges, the harder it is for cyber criminals to install malware and access your data.

It also slows down something called lateral movement. This is the second most common mistake.

It’s where criminals get access to one system, perhaps something that’s not mission-critical. But from there they can find weaknesses in other systems and move onto them.  This process repeats until they find their ultimate goal, your email and your bank account.

The final mistake is not taking this seriously. We see this all to often.  Business owners are regularly telling us that they do not need to worry about cyber-attacks as they are “too small”.  This is simply not the case – the smaller your business the higher the chance that you have not invested in good IT security, and it would only take a hacker a matter of minutes to get into your systems and install ransomware.  Businesses that work closely with their IT partner to prepare and protect are less likely to be attacked in the first place.

And will be back on their feet faster if the worst does happen.

When did you last review your cyber security? If it’s more than a year ago, you really should give us a call…..