Microsoft’s taking a responsible leadership position on AI

Microsoft has always been in the forefront of leading technology.  A leadership position, in any field, sometimes means taking difficult decisions for the greater good.

So we were interested to hear this week that Microsoft is retiring and rebuilding it’s Azure Face system. If you’re unsure as to what Face is, it’s an AI that can recognise facial characteristics like gender, age, and expression – scary right!

Some believe that kind of AI to be a violation of human rights, especially when it is used to make automated decisions based on its own interpretations of the data.

It certainly clashes with Microsoft’s newly published standard for responsible AI, which will be used to guide the tools it builds in the future.

On top of the Azure Face change, Microsoft is also limiting which businesses can access its Custom Neural Voice service. This is a text to speech app that’s said to be very lifelike.

It’s clear that AI tools are the way forward for software and most big software companies now have it embedded within their systems. I wonder how that’s going to empower your business in the years ahead?