Russian cyber-attack threat: How to protect your business

As the devastating Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, the risk of a cyber-attack hangs over every business here in the UK.

It’s thought Russia could launch online attacks in response to sanctions and the Government has been warning us about the risk for some time.

Some crucial advice has been issued by the National Cyber Security Centre to keep businesses protected against hackers.

There are lots of suggestions, but the easiest ones to implement are to enable multi-factor authentication, where you generate a login code on a separate device to prove it’s really you.

Also, to encrypt all data (especially if it’s held locally on a laptop hard drive, memory stick or portable hard drive), and to validate your backups and to make sure they are backing up the data you need. Making sure backups can’t be reached by hackers is also a must.

You should also get a cyber security professional to check your systems are fully updated and patched. By simply keeping your computers and firewalls patched it makes the job of a hacker much more difficult to access your systems.

Regular training of your staff on common attack methods, and what to look out for is also essential to stop your staff falling victim to a cyber attack.

This is all good advice. If you need help making sure your business is safe – call us.