Do your staff prefer working from home, rather than being in the office?  Have you had any resistance trying to get your staff back into the office?  It can be a difficult choice, but maybe your staff are more productive when working from home because they enjoy it.

Maybe they like it even more than you think.

A new report has found 96% of employees would give up part of their salary to work from home permanently.

And of those, a third would give up half of their monthly earnings.  That’s extreme!

It’s been nearly two years since working remotely was encouraged for everyone.

Maybe this is a good time to check your staff have the best possible home setup if they are going to continue to work from home, even if they work some time in the office and the rest from home.

Firstly you should review your data security. Make sure their home networks are secure and remote network access is safe. Things such as VPNS should be implemented to secure data being sent to and from their devices to the office.

Then check you’re using the right collaboration tools.  Are you making the best use of Microsoft Teams if you use it within your business?  There are other great collaboration tools out there too.

And finally, consider giving everyone professional webcams and high quality microphones to improve video calls.  Thankfully the stock levels have recovered after the battering they took when the first work from home guidance was issued!

If you’d like help checking these things just give us a call.