Most ransomware victims would pay up if attacked again

There’s no doubt that ransomware is a terrifying crime – and most businesses aren’t aware of it.

It’s where cyber criminals break into your network, encrypt your data, and won’t give it back until you pay a ransom fee.

All businesses – big and small – are being targeted all the time.  In some attacks they secretly spend weeks and weeks undetected in your network changing the settings. So it’s nearly impossible to kick them out or recover data once the attack has started.

Official advice says you should never pay a ransom fee. As there’s no guarantee you’ll get your data back, and you may be targeted again in the future.

However, a new survey has recently been carried out of business leaders who have already been attacked.

A huge 97 per cent of them say if they were attacked again, they would pay the ransom fee to minimise the damage. A third would pay it instantly.

Wow! What does that tell you about how badly it affects businesses?

The only way to protect your business – is to prepare.

This is what we do. We help businesses increase their cyber security to reduce their chances of being affected. Let’s talk about what we can do to help protect your data – and your business.