Are you using a malicious browser extension without realising?


Browser extensions can really help improve our productivity, but what are they?

Well, essentially, they let you customise your browser to make it a more personalised experience for you.

Sadly, there is a risk when you use them… how do you know the extensions you’ve installed and are using are safe?

Malicious browser extensions are such a big problem that millions of people have installed them without even realising it.

New research from one cyber security company claims more than 4 million of its customers have been attacked by adware in the last couple of years.  Now that is a scary statistic!

Adware doesn’t harm your computer. But it usually changes your start page, search engine, and redirect you to affiliate pages. That way, the developers can earn money from your purchases.  Adware is usually just very annoying and can be a pain to get rid of if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A much greater risk is malware, designed to steal your login credentials and sensitive data.  This could be for your email, or your online banking, eak!

This is a great time to make sure your team only downloads extensions from reputable places.  And maybe even look for ways to control which extensions are installed on your business’s browsers.

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