Two thirds of remote workers are using faulty tech

If you have remote staff, or hybrid staff working for you then when was the last time you checked with them about the state of their home tech?

By home tech I mean the laptop and any other hardware you give to them to work from home.

A new report says two thirds of remote workers have faulty devices they haven’t reported to their boss.

Rather unsurprisingly laptops are the most likely to break followed by keyboards, monitors and PCs. Most damage occurred due to food and drink spillages.

We all know how annoying a damaged piece of tech is, and it’s bound to be playing havoc with their productivity. So why don’t they report it?

Simple, because they’re scared of getting into trouble.

Four out of five people continue to use their device if only a few features are affected. A third will swap to their personal device instead.

This could be a massive problem as it has the potential to open up your business data to new security risks. Personal tech might not have all the security measures a work device would.

We suggest you make it a golden rule that all work must be done on company-issued devices with no exceptions.

Create a culture where it’s OK if a device gets damaged, so long as it’s reported quickly and doesn’t happen every couple of weeks!

If you need any help choosing the right technology for your team, or creating a new policy, give us a call.