A longer lasting battery with Windows 11 Efficiency mode

When you’ve got your head down working hard, you probably have many applications running on your laptop, and that includes the 20 tabs you have open in your web browser!

Some of them can be resource intensive, which can cause your computer to slow down and drain your battery, if your using a laptop.

You could close the worst offending applications… but what if you’re still using them?

There is Good news however! The next release of Windows 11 may have the solution.

Right now the testers at Microsoft are trialing a new feature called “Efficiency Mode”.

Rather than close an application that’s using a lot of system resource and slowing down your machine, just switch it to Efficiency mode. This will put the offending program at the bottom of your laptop’s priority list for resources.

This means a faster computer and with that, a battery that lasts longer. Wohoo!

The new feature is still being tested. If tests go well at Microsoft HQ we can expect to see Efficiency mode later this year.

If slow devices or rubbish battery life constantly annoy you or your staff, we’ve got plenty of good solutions to help. Just give us a call.