Businesses are spending more on IT this year

As I am sure you have noticed, prices have shot up everywhere right now.

Inflation is up and continuing to rise… the price of petrol is up… and of course energy prices are hotter than the sun!

Despite all this, new research says spending on IT is increasing too.  Globally spending should hit a massive 3.3 trillion pounds this year.

Businesses are happy to keep spending on IT to stay flexible, maintain good data security and actually reduce costs in the long term – a weird sounding concept, but a true one!

So, what are they spending the money on?

Often it’s putting more systems online – things like servers (virtual and physical) data storage and service delivery.

There’s also increased spending on software, infrastructure and managed services from partners like us.

Money is also going on devices. 633 million pounds will be spent on hardware this year thanks to upgrades and hybrid working.

If you’re planning to invest in your IT in the next 6 months, this would be a great time to switch to a new IT partner.

We can help you step back and take a big picture look at what you want to achieve… before you start spending.