If you watch the hit Netflix series Stranger Things, you’ll know the cool way to talk to your friends back in the 80s was with a walkie talkie, albeit they were the size of a house brick!

Well now you can bring that retro feel to your business in 2022.

After a year of testing, a walkie talkie feature is now available within Microsoft Teams on your smart phone.

It works on both Android and iOS devices, so long as they’re connected to the internet via 4/5g or wifi.

There’s no need to call anyone. Like a real walkie talkie you just push a button on your phone to speak, and everyone in your team can hear you.

It even works if your phone is locked.

It’s aimed at frontline workers and employees who deal with customers, much like an intercom. But imagine how useful it could be uniting staff who work remotely.

Before you start using it someone with admin authority (usually your IT dept) will need to make sure it’s enabled.

If you need a hand getting it set up, just give us a call, we would be happy to help.