Alert: A clever new type of ransomware attack

I’m sure like many businesses, your business has a contact form on its website.  If you do then you need to know about a new sophisticated cyber-attack.

As robust email security gets better and better at preventing malicious messages from reaching your inbox, cyber criminals are having to invent new ways to infiltrate and infect systems.

The hackers latest technique uses the contact form on a business’s website.

The hacker fills in the form to start a conversation with you, pretending to be a potential customer.

When you email your reply, they will then send a file, claiming it’s relevant to your conversation.

It’s sent using a file-sharing service – such as WeTransfer, or OneDrive– to bypass your email account’s security.

If you open and run the file without scanning, then it’s bad news… you’ve probably given the criminals access to your device.

This will usually lead to a ransomware attack, where your files are encrypted until you pay a huge ransom fee.

The best defence against this new kind of attack is training for your staff on how to spot these potential threats to your business and its systems.

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