There are two technology platforms that are critical to many businesses we partner with – Microsoft Teams and LinkedIn.  Would you have guessed that?

Now for the first time, the two platforms are joining forces to make sharing updates even easier.

From March, you’ll be able to see your colleagues’ LinkedIn profiles in your Teams chats.  This is a part of a larger facelift Microsoft are giving Teams over the next few months, and to make it less resource intensive.

This update will only be available in 121 chats to begin with. In time though, it could be a great help when looking for skills for a project, or just for keeping up-to-date with the latest news about your colleagues, whether that’s inside or outside of your company.

You might be surprised to learn Microsoft has owned LinkedIn since 2016. It bought it for a cool £19 billion.  Ouch!

Both platforms have seen significant growth in the last two years. This union was meant to be.

Microsoft Teams can be such a powerful tool in your business if setup and used properly.  We use it within our business to aid in our communications and it is fantastic, especially when we have staff members who are working remotely.

If you’d like any help setting up Teams to improve your business communication, give us a call.  If you have an Office 365 subscription, then you already have access to it, so you may as well start using it!