Is working from home really good for your business?

Every business has formulated some kind of work from home in some way in the last couple of years.  Some staff really enjoy it, others don’t.

You might still encourage it for your team. Maybe by working for a set number of days in the office and the rest from home?  Or project work, where your staff really need to concentrate and not have any distractions?

But while it makes some staff happier and more productive, have you ever looked at the downsides?

Without the separation of home and workplace, many employees struggle to switch off. They’re at risk of burnout.  I know from experience I really struggled with separation from work to home life during the first lock down.

Others feel isolated, and less motivated without colleagues.  It is important for some staff members to have clear channels of communication to their colleagues, especially if it is small team working on the same project.

There can be a big financial impact to your business, too.

Safe remote working needs the right tools: Laptops, phones and video call equipment.

Have you considered upgrading your team’s internet? And perhaps even providing proper desks and chairs.

Most importantly, you must put in place full cyber security protection wherever someone is working. We have come across some businesses who let their staff’s children use the laptop in the evening and downloaded all sorts of nasties onto the laptops!

Would you like us to audit your current setup? Let’s see if we can save you money while making your business safer and more robust.  This in turn will help to increase productivity if your staff feel safe and happy.

Get in touch to arrange a no obligation audit. We will give you a list of recommendations and you can decide to implement them, or not.