Is this the end of passwords… forever?


We all hate creating new passwords, especially when you need to make them so secure that sometimes you quite easily forget what you set them as!  Well if you can relate to this then we have some good news for you…..

Microsoft, Apple and Google have joined forces in a mission to retire the password for good.

81% of all data breaches are down to weak or stolen passwords. So instead they want to use something called a passkey.

The concept is very simple. To login to something, you’ll use your phone to prove it’s really you.  Of course this is only any good if you have smart phone.

Your computer will use Bluetooth to verify you’re sat nearby. Because Bluetooth only works a short distance, this should stop many phishing scams, and if your phone is out of range then the verification will fail on the first stage.

Then it’ll send a verification message to your phone.

You’ll unlock your phone in the usual way, with your face, fingerprint or PIN.

And that’s it. You’re logged in.  Could it be any easier?

You’ll start to see some services offering a passkey option in the next 12 months. It would be nice to think that one day all logins will be this simple.

In the meantime, if you’d like help to make passwords easier for you and your team right now, get in touch.