At last! Google Chrome’s going to block disruptive notifications

I wonder if you find this as frustrating as I do? You visit a website in Google Chrome and a pop-up asks if it can send you notifications.

You click yes, why not, it’s a website that holds an interest for you… but within a few days you totally regret it.

It’s one thing to get the odd news update. And another to be bombarded with alerts, right?  Especially if they keep popping up and distracting you whilst you’re trying to work.  It’s even worse if you are easily distracted!

This annoying feature has a name. It’s called notification spam. And it can kill productivity in your business. Everyone will be clicking on the latest Facebook notifications…

There’s good news. Google’s working on a new feature to automatically block alerts from websites it’s decided are ‘abusive’ or ‘disruptive’.  What these definitions exactly mean only Google knows at present though.

Once blocked, the site won’t be able to ask permission to send notifications. Phew!

We’re not sure when this new feature will be released. So if you need help reducing notification spam for your staff before then, get in touch. It’s easy to stop these annoying notifications from distracting you and your staff, so you can get on with the task in hand.