Feeling let down by your IT support company when you needed them the most?

We’ve spoken to loads of business over the last year and heard some horror stories about their IT support, especially when it came to the COVID lockdowns. For most, the support has been lazy and, in some cases, non-existent – right when they needed it most.

The Lockdowns were all pretty sudden, and it consequently caught everyone on the hop.

Immediately, we put our clients first. We made sure they were set up for safe, secure home working and ensured we were always on hand to fix their problems. We even phone them regularly to check everything is OK. And we do whatever we could to help fix their issues.

The lockdowns have demonstrated just how important IT support is.

Let us show you how important Award Winning IT support is.

If you are ready to talk about moving or have any questions please book a time convenient to you via the calendar link opposite.

Excellent service as always! Thank you team!

Busy Bees – Dan M

We’ve been so humbled to receive fantastic praise from our clients. Like these:

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rank your current IT Support company? If it’s 7 or under we really should talk

Your staff are always friendly and very helpful. Our calls get answered quickly. Very happy with the service we receive.

Bradly Trimmer Solicitors – Peter T

Some of the most common objections and questions we receive

That’s fantastic news!  But if I asked you to really think about it, what do you like about your current provider? Is that they proactively maintain your network doing their upmost to ensure problems don’t occur in the first place, or is it just that you feel they know you & your company & that maybe you just don’t realise that there are IT support companies out there that offer more than just a ‘something breaks, I call them & they fix it’ service?  If you had to rate your current IT company from a score out of 10, what would it be?  If it’s 7 or less, then there is some level of doubt or reservations about your current supplier and it’s worth us having a call.

Sadly, we encounter this objection a lot when we talk to businesses.  Having someone who ‘helps’ with security compared to an award-winning IT support company who are constantly monitoring your systems and security are miles apart.  Is that person that helps proactively monitoring your systems, so issues are fixed without you even knowing about them?  When your IT does go down, how long is it down for?  Can you get hold of that person and have them on site if needed in an hour?  Are you down for days sometimes?  Businesses need to take IT growth and support seriously.  It shouldn’t be seen as an unneeded expensive, rather as an investment to help grow your business and allow you to sleep better at night.

We get that completely.  Covid has brought struggles to just about any business in the UK.  But we have no idea how long this will be going on for, it could be well into 2022.  Perhaps you have decided that the work from home model suits your staff and your business better than being in an office?  So, one question to ask if that is the case is do you know how secure your setup is?  Was it hastily installed back in March 2020 and hasn’t been reviewed since?  Can you afford to take the risk of being a victim of Cyber Crime due to an insecure setup?

We have never handled a transition from one IT Support company to us which has resulted in hours of downtime.  As much as every business runs their systems differently, they all conform to technology standards which means we can run smooth transitions with downtime counted in seconds or minutes, rather than hours.  We take the time to make sure we have all the information we need to migrate you to our support systems so we are not met with any hidden surprises.

Our standard office hours are 8:00 – 17:30 Monday to Friday and 10:00 – 13:00 on a Saturday for our Lite and Pro Support solutions.  Our Ultimate Support solution enables you access to our support systems 24/7 every day apart from Christmas and New Years day (unless it had been agreed as part of the contract).

We offer three different service levels, Lite, Pro and Ultimate.  The Lite package enables you to proactive monitoring of all devices and access to our support systems for up to 2 hours per month with a guaranteed response time of 1 business day or less.  The Pro package enables you to proactive monitoring of all devices and unlimited access to our support systems with a guaranteed response time of 4 business hours or less and includes antivirus licences for your devices.  Our Ultimate package enables you to proactive monitoring of all devices and unlimited access to our support systems with a guaranteed response time of 1 business hours or less and includes antivirus licences for your devices.  All three of our service levels also entitle you to access our Ultimate security bolt on, which is only available to customers on support contracts.

The simple answer to this is yes!!  As soon as you join our managed services (service contracts) you are given the option to take out our Ultimate Security packages, which come in three tiers.  The Lite tier enables Ransomware protection and hardening of security on your devices, above what usual antivirus has to offer.  The Pro tier enables you to everything on the lite, plus automatic shutdown of a device that has been detected to be under a ransomware attack, to stop it in its tracks, brute force attacks alerts, filtering of known malicious websites, all year round monitoring of the dark web against your company domain and simulated phishing attacks to help train your staff.  The Ultimate tier offers all what is included in the Lite and Pro plus all year round monitoring of logins to business devices to spot hacking attempts, the option to block websites from your work devices, whether in the office or at home (social media for example), Blocking of spam and malicious email messages and Cyber Security awareness training for your staff.

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