Feeling let down by your IT support company when you needed them the most?

We’ve spoken to loads of businesses over the years and heard some horror stories about their IT support, especially when it came to the COVID lockdowns. For most, the support was lazy and, in some cases, non-existent – right when they needed it most.

The lockdowns were all pretty sudden, and it consequently caught everyone on the hop.
Immediately, we put our clients first. We made sure they were set up for safe, secure home working and ensured we were always on hand to fix their problems. We even phoned them regularly to check everything was OK. And we do whatever we can to fix their issues.  We still do this now!

The lockdowns demonstrated just how important IT support is.

Let us show you how important Award Winning IT support is.

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We’ve been so humbled to receive fantastic praise from our clients. Like these:

On a scale of 1 to 10 how would you rank your current IT Support company? If it’s 7 or under we really should talk

Some of the most common objections and questions we receive

Sadly, we encounter this objection a lot when we talk to businesses.  Having someone who ‘helps’ with security compared to an award-winning IT support company who are constantly monitoring your systems and security are miles apart.  Is that person that helps proactively monitoring your systems, so issues are fixed without you even knowing about them?  When your IT does go down, how long is it down for?  Can you get hold of that person and have them on site if needed within an hour?  Are you down for days sometimes?  Businesses need to take IT growth and support seriously.  It shouldn’t be seen as an unnecessary expense, rather as an investment to help grow your business and allow you to sleep better at night.



If you (and your team) aren’t ECSTATIC about choosing us anytime during your first 90 days, then simply let us know and we’ll refund your ENTIRE initial investment back.

AND…. we’ll pay you an additional £500 to say “sorry for wasting your time”

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