The tax relief few businesses know about

What is it? When you buy new equipment from the list provided by the HMRC (including computers) you can claim 130% capital allowance.

What that means for me?  Well, If you spend £1,000 on computer equipment, it’ll reduce your corporation tax bill as if you had spent £1,300, how great is that!

How long will it last? The scheme started on 1st April 2021 and will  last two years

Did you hear about the super-deduction allowance in the March 2021 Budget?

When you buy certain new equipment (including computers) you can claim 130% capital allowance.

What this means is that you can write off more than the cost of the purchase on your corporation tax bill, saving you money.

It was designed to encourage businesses to reinvest into their business, and it’s a very generous relief…

Your accountant should be fully aware of it (and if you fancy a little bed time reading, you can read the HMRC summary here).

If you want new computers in the next couple of years, we recommend you act now

Supplies of certain hardware are still disrupted due to the ongoing pandemic. It can be difficult to get hold of certain specifications or pieces of equipment.

You really should start to think ahead about what new hardware your business could need in the next couple of years.

That way we can help you plan ahead and put in advance orders on new technology for you.

If you can see any need at all to purchase new hardware in the next two years – act now, and benefit from super-deduction.

We are on standby to help you

Unlike most IT support companies, we know all about super-deduction. We’ve been gearing up to this for some time and have been putting out regular content keeping you updated.

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