Most business owners are aware of the risks associated with using weak passwords, and how using them is an invitation to hackers.  So what are secure and unsecure passwords?

Unsecure passwords are passwords of less than 16 characters that have no special characters, numbers or uppercase letters within them.  They could be something as simple as your pets name, or your favourite football team.

Secured passwords are passwords of 16 or more characters that have special characters, numbers and uppercase letters within them.  They will not be something that could be easily guess.

I hear the argument from some business owners that if they enforced a strong password policy amongst their staff that they would never remember them, and would end up writing them down, which then makes them insecure.

Whilst it is true that if you use a random combination of letters, numbers, special characters and capitals that you will never remember the password.  But you can have a strong password that is easy to remember, but very hard for a hacker to guess or crack.

The simple way to generate a secure password that you will remember is to combine a series of events that you will recall, so maybe that is the year you passed your driving test, followed by the name of your first teacher, followed by your last house number and finished off with the name of your first cat.  Now whilst some of this information may be available on your social media accounts, it would be extremely hard for a hacker to guess all of this, and in the right order.  Which means they only way they could crack this password would be through a phishing attack, keylogger or brute force.

To find out how secure your password is follow the link below to check with our password tool, which will tell you how long it would take for the password to be cracked via a brute force attack

How Safe Is My Password