Tech update 3rd October 2022


Your people work from home sometimes, right?

Have you ever wondered if they get less done, compared to when they’re in the office?

A major new Microsoft study of 20,000 people in 11 different countries claims that’s the case.

It says four out of five managers think their employees are less productive when they’re working from home.

But their staff don’t feel the same…

A massive 87% of them feel MORE productive when working remotely.

We believe hybrid working is a good thing – so long as you trust your team, and give them the right tools for the job to allow them to get things done, no matter where they are working. There’s a lot to gain from less commuting and a better work/life balance, but communication with your team is key.

Does everyone have the right device at home? Is it suitable for the job they need to do? If the answer is no then we can provide tools which allow them to connect in to their PC in the office from home.

And do they have access to the best applications to effectively communicate and collaborate with colleagues and customers?

Need a hand finding the right tools and tech for your specific kind of business? If you want us to give you a quick productivity audit, get in touch.

We can help you find the best solution so that your company’s data can be accessed safely and securely by your users working at home.