Should your business move to the cloud or not?

First, let’s explain what this means.

A ‘cloud based’ solution, simply means that your data is stored safely on remote servers. And you can access it from anywhere on any device.  Sadly, there are not servers floating around in the clouds above our heads.  Usually cloud servers are a bunch of servers (called a server farm) that sit in data warehouses around the world.  These server farms replicate the data between themselves for resiliency.  That way if one server farm goes offline for what ever reason, your data can still be accessed on another.

There are lots of benefits to going 100% cloud based. It can be more secure, there’s better recovery and it’s more scalable.  Especially with the pandemic, more and more businesses are moving over to the cloud to help them operate at full speed.

Cost could be a downside for your business though.  Most cloud-based software and solutions operate on a monthly subscription.  This is usually calculated on the number of “users” (staff) who will need access to these systems.  Gone are the days of purchasing software once, and then using it for as long as you like, or it is supported for.

You will then also be susceptible to subscription price increases. Indeed, Microsoft announced only a few weeks ago that their 365 suite of software will be going up in price from March next year, with some licenses going up by as much as 25%.

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