If you want to improve how your team works, collaborates, and stores documents, then Microsoft SharePoint is a brilliant solution. And it’s part of the Microsoft 365 Family.

SharePoint 365 is designed to be a cloud-based productivity app for businesses of any size, from 2 to 500 people

At its core, SharePoint 365 is primarily a document management platform.

In addition to basic document management– such as file uploads and downloads, editing, and sharing –SharePoint 365 tracks changes, too.

It can also keep a log of who made which edits and let you download previous editions of your documents to review changes or return to a previous revision, which gives you huge power.

You can also configure alerts on a document library to receive a notification when changes are made.

SharePoint 365 can take over many of the functions of a server, from a file storage and management point of view, but without the risk and associated cost of continuing maintenance and renewal.

If you use SharePoint 365 however, don’t be fooled into thinking that you never need to backup you files again as they are in the cloud.  Hackers can still gain access to your SharePoint 365 systems if any of your usernames and passwords are compromised, or if Ransomware finds its way onto one of your computers that is connected to SharePoint 365.  A robust backup, tailored to your businesses requirements is an absolute must!

There are many ways that SharePoint 365 can help your team collaborate and your business to become more productive. For more information on all Microsoft 365 apps, get in touch.