Windows Server 2012 editions end of life coming soon!


Your server is approaching end of life

A quick summary: The software that runs your business’s server is about to reach the end of its life.


What that means: There’ll be no more security updates, bug fixes, or technical support from Microsoft.


When does this happen? 10th October 2023

Your server is the heart of your business’s technology. And unfortunately, yours may be nearing the end of its working life.


It could be run by Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012, and that software reaches end of life on 10th October 2023.

What does that mean?

No more security updates, bug fixes, or technical support from Microsoft.

It considers it to be obsolete. And can’t help if something goes wrong, or a critical security vulnerability is found.

Please don’t wait till October to take action

We want to make sure you don’t see any disruptions to normal business operations.

Migrating to a new server or the cloud takes much planning and can take some time to complete (depending on how much data there is transfer).

We do this all the time for businesses. And are experts at minimising the disruption to you – while also helping your upgrade improve your cyber security safety, team productivity and collaboration.

Here’s how to talk to us.

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If you (and your team) aren’t ECSTATIC about choosing us anytime during your first 90 days, then simply let us know and we’ll refund your ENTIRE initial investment back.

AND…. we’ll pay you an additional £500 to say “sorry for wasting your time”

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