The PSTN switch-off affects us all. You need to take action.

You might be aware that the UK’s Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) is set to be deactivated in December 2025.

This will affect you.

The outdated analogue PSTN system isn’t suitable for modern communication demands. The migration to an entirely digital framework marks a major advancement.

In essence, all communication will use the internet.

OK, so why do I need to worry about this?

It’s not only our phone lines that the PSTN shut-down will impact. Any devices dependent on PSTN, such as alarm systems, cameras, fax machines (surprisingly, some are still in use!), door entry systems, and EPOS machines, will no longer function.

You might require an upgrade in your broadband and potentially other hardware.

You’ll undoubtedly still require phone lines for your business, so that will involve transitioning to digital technology like VoIP (Voice Over the Internet) systems.

If you haven’t yet switched to fibre broadband, now’s the time. Nationwide fibre rollouts are currently underway, so it should be available in your area soon if you don’t currently have access.

This may seem like yet another task, but there are considerable benefits.

So What are the benefits?

Legacy phone lines no longer guarantee the call clarity or dependability they once did.

Migrating to internet-based phone systems offers advantages like enhanced call clarity, cost savings, increased flexibility, and features that improve the customer experience.

Digital phone systems are also more suited to flexible ways of working, allowing calls in the office, at home, or on the go, all under one number.

Studies indicate that adopting fibre can help integrate communities, leading to a significant increase in productivity.

Moreover, digital phone lines will be compatible with a wider range of devices and offer superior security, improving your defence against cyber threats.

Time is ticking.

With the final transition due in December 2025, it’s crucial to start your preparation now.

For guidance on selecting the right digital phone systems for your business, moving to a fibre network, or updating devices currently linked to PSTN, contact us today.

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