We are proud to announce that we have today become partners with Threatlocker.  This partnership allows us to deliver a superior level of threat protection to our clients.

Whilst many people believe that having antivirus running on their computers is all they need to keep themselves safe, this is no longer true in the ever-evolving landscape that is Cyber Security.

Over the years we have noticed that hackers are becoming much clever with the way that they use phishing to gain access to computer systems and then deploy a malicious payload that can lay dormant for weeks or months before delivering their ransomware load onto your computers.

Whilst having antivirus will help stop the most common forms of threats, it is by its very nature reactionary.  It only knows about a malicious file or program once someone has been hit with it.

Threatlocker works on a “zero trust” policy, essentially thinking everything is malicious until added to an allow list.  By blocking anything from running apart from what is on the allowed list stops unknown (otherwise know as zero day exploits) from running, which your Anti Virus would let run.

What’s more we can secure applications that are allowed to run so they cannot be manipulated by a hacker into downloading malicious files, or from manipulating any files or folder that the program does not need access to.  A good example of this would be that we can secure Word, so that it can only access files in certain locations, such as your My Documents folder.  What’s more we can be granular with the policies so different computers can have different access to folder locations.

Malicious scripts that call the Powershell application, or command prompt, for example, can be blocked from doing so, so that they can still run, but not put your computer at risk.

Adding Threatlocker to our Security suite allows us to further strengthen the defences we deploy to keep our customers safe, from blocking phishing links in emails and websites, to blocking malicious files from even being able to be run.

If you would like more information on our security suite and how it will make you sleep well at night knowing you have industry leading products keeping your business and its data safe then arrange a call with Louise from her calendar below.