Over the past month we have been sending out weekly educational blogs, videos and emails to help you understand how important cyber security is to your business, and why you need to take it very seriously.

We covered three main topics during the month, they have been:

Education really is key when it comes to cyber security. Giving your staff training on how to spot the latest phishing emails, or how to spot the signs that your systems has been infected is key.  Your staff are your main line of defense as 99% of all infections, scams and hacks will be initiated by a member of your staff.  Now there’s a sobering thought……  So are you investing appropriately in your staff to stop attacks before they even happen?

Good cyber security habits will be formed as part of the education process.  These habits will make the difference between your company being hacked, or not.  Little things such as your staff downloading and running an email attachment through a virus scanner before opening, or even checking with the sender before downloading if it is an unexpected attachment will have the potential of stopping a hack in its tracks.

We’ve mentioned the Cyber Essentials accreditation quite a few times during Cyber Security month.  It is a great framework for your business to aim towards as the standards laid out within will bolster your systems security.  But there are also other methods.  Just running antivirus and a firewall will not protect you from the latest security threats.  That’s why we launched our ultimate security package earlier in the year and instantly put all of our customers onto the lite package for a free 6 month trial.  This new system filters your email for malicious links and attachments (whilst removing the annoying spam messages that clog up your inbox).  It also filters malicious websites, strengthens your pcs and laptops to avoid hacks, stops ransomware attacks in their tracks and so much more.

If you are interested in having this third layer of security added to your existing systems arrange a no obligation chat with me below.