Technology moves very quickly, and it can be hard to keep up to date. You don’t always need the very latest devices. But you should also be wary of letting your equipment become too outdated.

Older computers and laptops are not just slower; they are also less secure and could lead to hackers getting into your systems.

Older machines may not be capable of running the latest operating system or antivirus software, making it vulnerable to malware and hacking attempts. Apple are trend setters when it comes to this.  Whenever a new operating system is released it will only be backwards compatible to a certain model.  The latest Apple operating system “Big Sur” only works on devices that are no older than 2013, so if you are running a mac that was released in 2012 then it is a potential risk to your business.

Windows is a little more forgiving and will run on most PCs.  The problem is that older PCs usually have smaller hard drives so if proper housekeeping doesn’t routinely happen they can run out of space and not be able to install the latest Windows updates.

There will also come a time when older equipment won’t be able to run up-to-date applications. Again, this leaves you vulnerable to cybercrime as there will be no support available if something goes wrong.  This tends to be specialist software such as Auto CAD for example.

Sure. New equipment costs money. But it’s a good investment to stop your data falling into the wrong hands.   You also need to think about the time wasted by your staff whilst they wait for the computer to load up.  If you are waiting more than a minute for your computer to load up in the morning, then you really should be thinking about upgrading or replacing.

That’s where we come in! For advice on upgrading your systems for maximum security and peace of mind, get in touch today.