It’s a worrying statement for me to hear.  Read the title of this blog out loud.  Does this statement sit true with your beliefs?

The fact is that Covid working has changed the dynamic of how Cyber Attackers now operate.  Long gone are the days that they would only focus on large businesses.  Now their focus is solely on small businesses.  And to clarify when I say small businesses, I mean businesses with less than 100 staff.

Being a member of a couple of local Chambers of Commerce and networking groups I have heard the horror stories of companies who have lost thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds to cyber criminals over the past 18 months.

Mostly this is down to procedures not being followed correctly because the staff have been working from home and communication has been either difficult, or just not the same as when everyone was in the same building.

So what can you do to stop your business becoming the next victim of a Cyber Attacker?  Well quite simply you need to ensure that your business has a range of software and hardware running to keep you safe.  This included basics things such as a good Antivirus/Malware system, but also things like Email and internet filtering, trust policies to stop any untrusted software from running on your computers and training to help your staff identify the early signs that a Cyber Attack is underway.

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