If your business got attacked by hackers today, would you know what to do, or how to limit the damage?

In a recent report, it was estimated that more than half of business owners wouldn’t know what to do if their business was attacked.

That is really worrying especially when you consider how likely it is that you’ll be the victim of an attack in the future.  Now it’s not a forgone conclusion that your business will fall victim to a cyber-attack, but the risks are increasing every day, especially if you do not invest in cyber security and work with an IT partner that does too.

Dealing with an attack properly starts with being fully prepared. You need to run a review of your cyber security today.  If you’re not sure what you have in place then ask your IT partner.  If you don’t work with an IT company, then you really do need to get something in place to protect your business from cyber attacks.  The longer you leave it, the greater the chance you have of becoming a victim of a cyber attack.

If you can make it difficult for hackers to get in – and limit the damage they can cause – this will make stopping an attack and repairing the damage easier and cheaper.

It’s always worth mentioning that your business continuity plan should also cover this eventuality.  It’s best to plan and document what actions you need to take whilst you are calm and can think things through logically, rather than making panicked decisions when it does happen.

If you do have a business continuity plan that covers cyber attacks, when was it last reviewed?  It needs to be kept up to date so you can deal with evolving cyber threats.

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